Sentry Doors Now Offers Entire Range of UKCA FD30S Flat Entrance Doorsets

All glazing options pass stringent burn tests to offer the latest in compliance.

Sentry Doors, a leading supplier of fire safety doors, now offers UKCA accreditation on its entire range of FD30S flush and glazed doorsets. This follows a bi-directional burn test of its double-glazed range, including its double glazed doorsets complete with double glazed and panel sidelight. Having been the first fire door manufacturer to achieve UKCA accreditation to the new standard in January 2022 Sentry is pleased to build on its leading position in fire safety door compliance.

The UKAS accredited lab tested doorsets comprising of the door leaf and a glazed panel sidelight, alongside a door leaf with a range of Sentry’s glazing combinations, to ensure all variations were compliant. Each test exceeded the minimum 30-minute time requirement for an FD30S doorsets, demonstrating the overall integrity of the doorset and the superiority of the product. This accreditation offers customers complete confidence in these products.

The United Kingdom Conformity Assessment mark (UKCA) is a replacement of the CE mark used in the European Union, for mainland UK. UKCA serves as a declaration of performance to the essential characteristics in accordance with the harmonised standards. The UKCA marking came into effect in January 2021, as a result of the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, with businesses granted an extension until the 1st of January 2023 to transition to the UKCA marking from CE marking. The business was proactive to the changes in the market and saw it as an opportunity to enhance its product range. Sentry Doors offer its customers a compliant doorset that has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can be trusted to fulfil its role if ever required.

Ty Aziz, Managing Director, Sentry Doors said: ‘We are pleased to announce the success of our recent fire test for bi-directional FD30S UKCA Double Glazed doorset complete with double glazed and panel sidelight. We reacted quickly to the changes in the market last year and are happy to share that we were the fire UK fire door manufacturer to obtain the UKCA marking with approved body BM TRADA. We now offer our entire range of FD30S flat entrance door styles in a range of combinations to suit our customers and their project requirements. As Sentry grow, we are constantly making efforts to remain a market leader and be at the forefront of compliance’.

Discover Sentry Door’s full range of FD30S external UKCA doorsets now. For complete confidence in compliance, you can be secure with Sentry. Contact today for more information.

Sentry Doors Now Offers Entire Range of UKCA FD30S Flat Entrance Doorsets