Our Warranties

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Sentry Doors Ltd will guarantee its doorsets for the periods as set out below:


Factory Coatings applies to items fully factory finished by Sentry Doors providing surfaces are cleaned regularly using a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergent such as soapy water (excludes Black on external doorsets exposed to the elements).

8 Years

Glazing System Failure covers all aspects of the glazing system including unit breakdown and moisture ingress for any item factory glazed by Sentry Doors. This does not include breakages that occur after delivery.

Manufacturing Defects applies to any aspect of the product where affected performance has been proven to be attributed to poor workmanship or manufacturing practices. This does not include installation by a third party.

10 Years

Rot and Fungal Protection covers all timber components which have been manufactured and factory finished by Sentry Doors. This does not cover alterations or additions by others and is providing that routine maintenance is carried out at regular intervals.

30 Years