Golden Thread

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Golden Thread Solution – Powered by Door Data Systems

The ‘Golden Thread’, as set out in the Building Safety Act, aims to support the sector in managing their buildings safely by the collection of consistently updated digital records for high-rise buildings.

In support of this new more stringent regime in building safety, Sentry Doors has partnered with Door Data Systems to provide our customers with an easy to access system for the management of fire doors.

The solution will allow open access to fire door manufacture, installation, and maintenance records, meeting the requirements of establishing a Golden Thread of information. Records can be accessed and viewed for free via a data tag linked to an app, in every Sentry fire door.

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  • Compliance with Golden Thread
  • Easy to Use System
  • Free Access to Fire Door Data
  • Save Time on Installs
  • Reduces Risk
  • Complete Traceability

The system ensures all fire door records can be uploaded in a digital format, meeting the requirements of establishing a Golden Thread of critical information

Door Data Systems provide an easy-to-use system that ensures digital record keeping, in line with the Golden Thread of information

The process takes away any confusion, ensuring everyone involved in the fire doors lifecycle can access door specific data

The software provides a time effective way of recording data at installation and maintenance stage

Access critical information such as parts list, installation guides and certification all in one place, reducing the risk of errors along the pathway

Software offers complete access to history of reports door by door, building by building