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The importance of fire safety in hotels and leisure facilities cannot be overstated. In the hotel and leisure industry, where hundreds of guests and staff congregate in a shared space, stringent fire safety measures are not merely a compliance issue, but an essential commitment to safety.

With a legacy spanning over 130 years, Sentry Doors are the supplier of choice for hotels and leisure facilities across the UK. Trust in our expertise to offer the utmost level of protection, enabling you to concentrate on delivering exceptional experiences for your guests.

Fire Safety Regulations for Hotels and Leisure

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“the Fire Safety Order”) is the main legislation that controls fire safety in all premises in England that provide accommodation for paying guests. The order designates the Responsible Person(s), who could be the employer, the person in control of the premises, or the owner, based on context. This individual is charged with ensuring that emergency routes and exits lead as directly as possible to a place of safety, facilitating swift and safe evacuation.

In addition to the general fire safety regulations outlined by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, hotels and leisure facilities must adhere to Article 50 regarding paying guest accommodation. In paying guest accommodation, it’s essential that all fire-rated doors must be kept closed, especially at night, to protect areas like lounges, kitchens, or utility rooms used by guests.

Inside the premises, fire doors should be treated as notional fire doors, except those leading to bathrooms, toilets or cupboards. These doors do not need to be self-closing but should be advised to be kept closed. The front entrance door of any establishment should be a self-closing fire door and any entrance hall or stairs must offer at least 30 minutes of fire protection.

The Fire Safety Risk Assessment for Sleeping Accommodation focuses on premises where the main use is for sleeping accommodation and emphasises the importance of fire-resisting doors, walls and floors in your building.

Staying Safe and Compliant

In hotels and leisure facilities, the health and safety of guests and employees is extremely important. In these environments, where there are often large numbers of people day and night, ensuring a robust safety plan is not only a legal obligation but also a critical component of responsible operation.

At Sentry Doors, we understand the importance of maintaining safety and compliance. Our fire-rated doorsets for hotels and leisure facilities not only meet but exceed safety standards, providing peace of mind for all.


Confidence in Compliance

At Sentry Doors, we’re proud to be among a limited number of companies nationally to have earned the dual certification Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer and Q-Mark Enhanced Security for both our FD30 and FD60 doorsets, ideal for entrances in hotels and leisure facilities.

Our commitment to the highest levels of safety and security for the hospitality sector is unwavering, which is why all out doorsets are rigorously tested and certified in line with PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design (SBD) guidelines, as well as compliant with ISO 9001 to ensure consistent quality.

Right First Time, On Time, Every Time

We appreciate that hotels and leisure facilities operate round-the-clock, which makes it crucial to work with a fire door supplier who can get the right results, the first time, every time. Our fire-rated doorsets come with a streamlined ordering and delivery process designed to minimise interference and disruption.

At Sentry Doors, we specialise in manufacturing fire-rated doorsets specifically catered to high-traffic hospitality environments. Leveraging a blend of expert craftsmanship and advanced techniques, we manufacture doorsets that not only elevate your interiors, but also stand up to the test of time, ensuring your establishment remains safe and secure.

Multiple Finishing Options

Our finishing options for our fire-rated doorsets are vast and versatile, designed to blend seamlessly with any environment. We offer a variety of wood stains with a choice of matte, satin or glass finishes and high-pressure laminates available in timber, stone, and metal effect, along with pattern or plain colours.

We also provide an assortment of timber veneer species. All of our veneers carry the FSC® certification, ensuring that we only use the highest quality materials sourced responsibly.

Fire-Rated Doors for Hotels and Leisure

Ensuring fire safety in hotels and leisure facilities is not just about regulatory compliance, it’s about safeguarding lives and creating a secure and safe environment for your guests. With Sentry Doors, you’re choosing more than just a doorset; you’re investing in peace of mind, safety and the longevity of your establishment.

Don’t let fire safety be an afterthought. Get in touch with our team of experts to explore our extensive range of fire-rated doorsets designed specifically for you.




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