Our Heritage

Introducing the Sentry Doors Brochure

The secure choice for fire safety

We are UK manufacturers of bespoke, fully certified timber fire and security door sets and screens.

Est. 1989

Established in 1989, Sentry Doors has built a strong reputation for supplying fully certified bespoke timber fire and security door sets to the social housing, public sector, commercial and residential markets.

The company was formed by Gordon and Carolyn Yates from a desire to offer a reliable solution to fire door safety. Initially a distributor of fire doors and fire door sets, Sentry Doors moved into manufacturing in 1996, as a means of controlling the quality of its offering and to ensure that its customers’ requirements, which are almost always bespoke, are never compromised.

Not content to be anything other than the best in the market, in 2011 the company made the decision to specialise further, developing premium ultra-high specification timber fire door sets and committed to be at the forefront of certification and compliance.

The company celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2019 which was a key milestone and marked the strategic step to further advance its growth plans. As a result, the business became part of the Cairngorm Capital portfolio in February 2019, reflecting a desire for investment from an established management team, led by MD Ty Aziz and chairman, Jon Gatfield.

The company is intent on maintaining its family-run heritage and traditional manufacturing methods whilst making significant advancements and marked growth plans. There has since been a programme of investment and expansion, investing in a new CNC machine, optimising its production line to perform and expanding its workforce, all with the goal of increasing capacity and shortening lead times so that Sentry Doors is able to be more responsive to clients. In parallel it has broadened its certified product range, expanding the options available to customers.

All manufacturing is now undertaken in our state-of-the-art 33,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility in Doncaster, UK. This purpose-built space allows us complete control when it comes to quality manufacturing and has capacity for expansion. The company continues to invest in order to increase productivity and efficiency whilst maintaining our reputation for quality, compliance, and service.

Compliance and certification are the cornerstone of our philosophy, so we test every component of our products as we develop and enhance them.

As a bespoke timber fire door set manufacturer of FD30S and FD60S, we take our business very seriously and are already looking at development testing, which will further enhance the front entrance, communal timber door-sets and screens that we offer local authorities and house associations.



Our Mission

To offer a depth and blend of technical knowledge and experience, delivering practical and cost-effective solutions to satisfy every client need

Our Mission

To attract, develop, motivate and retain a strong satisfied workforce, working within a supportive environment

Our Mission

To bring out the best in each other and inspire higher goals and higher motivation

What makes us different

In an industry that has recently been in the spotlight as a result of the Grenfell Inquiry, it is vitally important that clients have confidence in compliance when it comes to specifying fire doors.

  • We make compliance easy
  • We offer quality assurance
  • We guide you through fire door procurement
  • We believe in style and safety

We manufacture products that meet the most rigorous quality and fire certification standards. Our certification portfolio is extensive and offers complete confidence and peace of mind.

Our UK based manufacturing facility, teamed with a strong track record over the last 30 years, enables complete quality control. Our ISO 9001 certification defines our commitment to offering quality assurance.

Our customer-centric approach and technical expertise means that our team can guide you through all aspects of your fire door procurement from start to finish, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Our complete range of FD30s and FD60s communal and flat entrance doors are completely bespoke allowing us to offer residents a wide choice of styles and finishes.