Glazed Fire Doors

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Fully-Certified Glazed Fire Doors

Sentry Doors are one of the leading manufacturers of glazed fire doors, all tested to the extreme and fully fire-rated. Our internal FD30 and FD60 fire doors are made completely bespoke and tailored to your needs, with a number of designs and colours available.

All our glazed fire doors are made to the highest standards of fire safety and security, approved by industry body BM TRADA and independently certified. We manufacture our doorsets at our state-of-the-art UK factory, ensuring complete quality control and shorter lead times for you.

We work with main and sub-contractors, housing associations, and local authorities across the country. Whatever your building project, we can provide fully-certified internal glazed fire doors that are peerless in fire safety and stylish design.

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Why You Need Internal Fire Doors

Both residential and commercial buildings are required to have internal fire-rated doors installed. Fire-rated doors aid in stopping the spread of fire within a building and provide escape routes to safe exits for occupants of the building.

In order to ensure proper fire safety compliance, all fire doors must go through thorough testing. At Sentry Doors, we take this to the extreme. Our glazed internal fire doorsets all undergo independent testing in a UKAS-approved test house.

We have found that our products consistently meet and exceed Government standards for fire safety testing, including fire door glazing regulations.

Read more about our certification and fire testing.

Our Bespoke Internal Fire Doors With Glass

We specialise in creating custom builds for our fire-rated glazed doorsets and are committed to meeting the needs of our clients.

Fire doorsets you order from us will be pre-assembled for your ease of installation. Each internal fire door with glass is:

  • Fully furnished with a 4-stage paint process that ensures a quality finish.
  • Available fully or part glazed.
  • Pre-hung in its frame with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Butt Hinges that are CE marked, tested and certified to EN1935 Grade 13.

Please note that double-glazed fire doors will need to be assembled upon delivery.

Glazed Fire Doors: FD30 and FD60

Choose between FD30 and FD60 for both your flat entrance and communal area fire doors. Some of their amazing features include:

FD30 Glazed Fire Doors

FD30 glazed fire doors have been designed and certified to yield 30 minutes of fire resistance. This includes every part of the doorset: the door frame, the hinges, the ironmongery, and the glass panels. An FD30 glazed fire door will stop the internal spread of fire for 30 minutes and allow occupants to escape.

FD30 Glazed Fire Doors

FD60 Glazed Fire Doors

An FD60 glazed fire door will give 60 minutes of fire resistance. These doors are designed for larger buildings or domestic buildings that hold a higher number of occupants. They will help to stop the spread of fire for one hour, allowing more time for residents to escape.

FD60 Glazed Fire Doors

Flat Entrance Glazed Fire Doorsets

Flat entrance doorsets are designed for connecting private flats or rooms to communal areas in a building. Our glazed fire doorsets for flat entrances offer high levels of fire protection and conform to security and safety standards set under PAS 24 and Secured by Design. This covers hard body impact and manual attack using tools. These doorsets include smoke seals that guard against the spread of smoke in a high-rise building.

Flat Entrance Glazed Fire Doorsets

Communal Area Glazed Fire Doorsets

Internal communal area fire doors are a legal mandate for shared areas in buildings. These doors offer a safe escape for all occupants and are available in both single and double designs. You can also choose additions like self-closing features and fire door signage.

Communal Area Glazed Fire Doorsets

Why Sentry Doors Are the Premium Choice for Internal Fire Doors

For the past 30 years, we have been honing our manufacturing and testing methods to build the most fire-safe, secure internal fire doors possible. The exceptional quality of our builds has been recognised by industry body BM TRADA, resulting in all products bearing the prestigious Q-Mark. Four facets of Sentry Doors make us the go-to for internal fire doors:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • Fast Turnarounds
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our impressive certification portfolio is a result of our prioritisation of quality. We proudly combine traditional manufacturing techniques with advanced technology to create internal fire doors unrivalled in fire resistance and security. We make sure to invest in innovation at all opportunities, never satisfied with anything less than the best.

Our trust in the reliability of our products is reflected in our impressive extended warranties. We offer an 8-year warranty on factory coatings, a 10-year warranty on glazing and manufacturing defects, and a 30-year warranty for rot and fungal protection. Your internal glazed fire door will last for decades with proper maintenance and care.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are based in Doncaster, UK, where we manufacture all of our products. Not only does this mean we can be in control of all stages of the production process, but it also means our lead times are impressively quick. Whatever your building project, we can build and deliver your bespoke internal glazed fire doors within 6-8 weeks.

Sentry Doors is committed to guiding you through the whole process. We will collaborate with you through every stage of your project, offering unbiased advice and technical help. We provide you with detailed installation guides and survey forms to ensure you can install your fire food safely and give it proper maintenance.

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