Introducing the Sentry Doors Brochure

We remain continually committed to ethical practices and this sustainable approach guides everything we do from product design to selecting our supply chain. We take a proactive approach and work as a collective to continually minimise our carbon footprint which includes minimising waste and carbon footprint whilst maximising recyclability.

It is our goal to remain socially and environmentally responsible while manufacturing and completing projects that will make an impact on local and global scales.

  • Benefits of Timber
  • Reducing Waste
  • Reducing our carbon footprint

As a naturally renewable material, timber products have the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream building material. Timber also has some of the best insulating properties of any material helping keep us naturally warm and achieve energy efficiency targets.

We seek to keep wastage to a minimum and maximising the efficient use of materials and resources. We aim to manage, recycle and dispose of waste in a responsible manner. We work together with our suppliers and customers to collect and recycle waste products


  • We regularly recycle as much waste material as possible
  • Sawdust that is created in the production of our timber fire door sets is recycled by a local mill
  • We have implemented cardboard bailing
  • We are working towards being a paperless office and where printing is necessary, we use recycled paper

We continually work to reduce our carbon footprint and work to review the energy efficiency of our factory and offices. We have implemented the following: 

  • LED Lighting in our offices, warehouse and external lighting
  • Heating in the warehouse is produced using a return Air duct from our extraction system 
  • Delivery routes planned to allow for the most effective route 
  • We use water-based paints 

What we are working on

  • Sustainability of all waste production, including but not limited to;
  • Optimising Recycling,
  • Sustainable recycling,
  • Working towards ISO 14001