Sentry Doors Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

As an equal opportunity employer, Sentry Doors is celebrating International Women’s Day – 2021 – Choose to Challenge. This year’s theme centers around celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, which also runs alongside Women in Construction Week.

Founded by the National Association of Women in Construction, Women in Construction Week provides a support and network group which is dedicated to changing the stereotypes that women face when it comes to careers by giving them new opportunities to look at; the construction industry has many places where women can advance and built a career for themselves.

Encouraging women to enter the industry and progress is something that Sentry Doors believe in strongly and this approach has benefited greatly to the growth of the business.

Throughout the week we will be shining the spotlight on this and the achievements of the women at Sentry Doors. Today, we are celebrating the achievements of Sheila Walker who has this year reached a milestone and is celebrating her 20-year work anniversary.

Sheila has progressed through various roles within the company from deliveries and stock control to sales order processing and over the years she has seen the business evolve. One of the core company values is to; ‘bring out the best in each other’ and this is something that has remained consistent throughout the brand’s history.

Sheila describes how the company has changed over the years but remained true to its core values;

“As a family-run business there has always been a strong sense of community in the company, and we created an environment in which we supported one another, almost a sense of belonging to a family. Although there have been many changes to the technology and processes over the years, this family-run element has remained intact.”

As part of a wider commitment to equality, at Sentry Doors we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere based on collaboration and diversity. This approach has seen women recruited for a wide number of roles from estimating and purchasing right up to senior management. Although we have our own strategies to ensure gender equality, it’s important that the industry joins forces to emphasise that women have an equal place in construction.

Sentry Doors Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021