Introducing Sentry Door’s Fire Door Brochure

Sentry Doors are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand brochure, aimed at local authorities, housing associations, and contractors in the fire door refurbishment and installation sector.

The brochure is the perfect guide to our range of fully certified timber fire and security door sets. Guiding you through the fire door procurement process, we look at our extensive certification and testing regime and the processes we take to ensure complete compliance in our fire door sets.

Our fire doors are tested to the extreme to ensure safety in the environments our doors are situated in. We offer a range of bespoke choices for our door sets that allow us to suit the most exacting project requirements. We take pride in being a UK manufacturer and our factory, based in Doncaster, is the ideal location to manufacture our door sets and meet customer demands whilst maintaining a reputation for high quality products.

Be one of the first to see our new digital brochure and take a glance at the range of bespoke products we offer and discover why we are the supplier of choice for timber fire and security door sets.

To view our brochure, visit our website or enquire now to receive a copy.






Introducing Sentry Door’s Fire Door Brochure