Mark of Quality: Sentry Doors join Made in Britain

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the prestigious Made in Britain membership scheme. As a proud UK manufacturer of fully certified safety and security fire doors, quality and service are the cornerstones of our philosophy and we see the Made in Britain collective mark as a celebration
of this.

Originally dreamt up by Denver Hewlett, CEO of Stoves to help consumers and specifiers identify products made in this country, the Made in Britain the marque supports and promotes British manufacturing and is viewed as a mark of quality. Covering every branch of manufacturing from clothing to transport, the ‘Made in Britain’ marque offers the coveted confirmation that goods being sold by a business have actually been produced here.

Made in Britain (MiB) adheres to advice on country-of-origin labelling included in the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, while going further to explain this means: “the country of origin is therefore the country in which a product last underwent a final treatment or process resulting in a substantial change.” It is, presently, the only official mark for British manufacturers and is registered with UKIPO across 30 product classes.

Here at Sentry Doors, we are extremely passionate about manufacturing high performance timber fire door sets and proud that this skilled process happens right here in the heart of South Yorkshire. Manufacturing our products in the UK offers complete control and greater flexibility. In centralising the manufacturing process, we ensure that designers and manufacturers can work closely together which means we continuously develop and improve our range of fire door sets and allows us to create bespoke designs to a consistent quality.

To be part of this fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers, provides many benefits. Aside from helping customers identify British-made products, the platform brings together a whole host of UK manufacturers and encourages members to share ideas and insight.

Customer confidence is absolutely essential when procuring fire doors and that’s why we see investment in accolades such as Made in Britain as imperative in order to provide buyer peace of mind that the products they are purchasing are made to the highest standards of quality and performance. We will continue to expand our already extensive certification and accreditation portfolio in order to offer ensure complete buyer confidence.

Mark of Quality: Sentry Doors join Made in Britain