Internal Fire Doors

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Fully-Certified Internal Fire Doors

We manufacture fully-certified internal fire doors for residential and commercial buildings, working with main and sub-contractors, housing associations, and local authorities across the country. The FD30 and FD60 internal fire doors that we offer are all made bespoke, so you can tailor your door to your needs completely.

Our doors are made to exceptionally high standards of safety and security. All are fully fire-rated and bear the industry certification of quality, BM TRADA Q-Mark. All of our door sets are manufactured at our UK production facility, allowing us to give competitive lead times of 6-8 weeks. Whatever your building project, we can help make it completely fire safe with our internal fire door and frame sets.

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We Understand the Importance of Fire Rated Internal Doors

Internal fire doors are vital for fire safety in residential and commercial buildings. These fire doors help to stop the spread of fire in a building and provide essential evacuation routes for occupants.

Fire doors must be rigorously tested to ensure full fire safety compliance. At Sentry Doors, all our fire door sets undergo independent testing in a UKAS-approved test house. Our products consistently meet and exceed Government standards for fire safety testing.

Read more about our certification and fire testing.

Our Range of Moden Internal Fire Doors

We manufacture internal fire doors for flats and for commercial buildings. Our fire doors are all made bespoke, so you can tailor the specifics of your door set to suit your building’s requirements and desired aesthetic. We are committed to meeting the exacting standards of our clients and working collaboratively to fulfil every facet of your project.

Our fire door sets are all pre-assembled for your ease of installation. Each internal fire door is:

  • Fully furnished with a 4-stage paint process that ensures a quality finish.
  • Available fully glazed.
  • Pre-hung in its frame with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Butt Hinges that are CE marked, tested and certified to EN1935 Grade 13.

Choosing Your Internal Oak Fire Door Design

As well as customising the exact measurements of your internal fire doors, whether they are single or double fire doors, you can also choose from stylish finishes like light oak stain and single and dual paint colours.

Our white internal fire doors and our grey internal fire doors are among our most popular options, but you can browse our Resident Door Design and Colour Choice sheets to envision the aesthetic of your internal fire doors. Download our brochure for more information.

The glazing we provide for optional glass panels is 16EG Pyrobel multi-laminated with EW60 fire resistance. You can choose from clear and sandblasted glass and we also offer fanlights, screens, sidelights, and other accessories to match your fire door sets.

FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors

Our flat entrance door sets and our communal area doors are both available in FD30 or FD60. Some of their features include:

FD30 Internal Fire Doors

FD30 fire doors are fully tested and certified to provide 30 minutes of fire resistance. The door frame, hinges, and ironmongery will all work to halt the spread of fire for at least half an hour and allow occupants to escape in this window.

FD30 Internal Fire Doors

FD60 Internal Fire Doors

FD60 internal fire doors have been tested and certified to offer at least one hour of fire resistance. FD60 fire doors are ideal for larger buildings or buildings which have a higher number of residents. This is because of their increased time window for building evacuation.

FD60 Internal Fire Doors

Fire Rated Flat Entrance Door Sets

Our flat entrance door sets are designed as fire doors for connecting private flats to communal areas within the same building. These doors offer excellent fire protection and security for residents and conform to the enhanced security standards set out under PAS 24 and Secured by Design. This covers factors like hard body impact and manual attack using tools. Our entrance fire door sets come glazed and non-glazed. These door sets guard against fire and smoke within a high-rise building, while also giving exceptional security.

Fire Rated Flat Entrance Door Sets

Fire Rated Doors for Communal Areas

Communal fire doors offer a safe escape for all occupants of a building in the event of a fire. They are legally required in shared areas. Our communal fire doors are available in both single and double door designs, with the option of glazed glass panels or no glazed glass panels. We also offer self-closing doors and fire door signage. Single doors will come pre-hung in their door frames while double doors need to be assembled in their frame upon delivery.

Fire Rated Doors for Communal Areas

How We Make Sure Our Internal Fire Doors Are the Safest

Sentry Doors have spent the last three decades honing our manufacturing and testing methods to create the safest, most secure internal fire doors on the market. We are proud that every one of our products bears the prestigious BM TRADA Q-Mark and is PAS 24 rated.

  • High-Quality Builds
  • Impressive Extended Warranties
  • UK-Based Manufacturing
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Our quality assurance process has earned us an impressive certification portfolio. The fire resistance and security of our internal fire doors is peerless. We proudly combine traditional manufacturing techniques with high-tech equipment. At Sentry Doors, we constantly invest in innovation.  Our machinery is at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring the utmost precision of our builds. As well as advanced equipment, we prioritise genuine craftsmanship, using traditional joinery techniques to craft the finest timber doors.

The warranties we offer on our products are industry-leading because we trust in the high quality and exceptional performance of our internal fire doors. We cover all of our fire door products with a manufacturer’s warranty in three tiers:

  • 8-year warranty on factory coatings
  • 10-year warranty on glazing and manufacturing defects, covering the rare event of a product’s poor performance is negatively affected because of workmanship or issues with the manufacturing process (this does not cover installation by a third party)
  • 30-year warranty for rot and fungal protection

We like to keep our manufacturing local, producing all fire doors in our state-of-the-art facilities in Doncaster. Not only does this mean that we have complete control over the quality of each step of our manufacturing process, it also means we cut down on lead times. Your bespoke internal fire door will be built and delivered to you within 6-8 weeks.

You’ll find that we collaborate with you at every stage of your internal fire door project, guiding you each step of the way. Our committed team will offer unbiased advice and technical help whenever you need it. You’ll also be provided with detailed installation guides and thorough survey forms to ensure your fire door is installed safely and can be maintained for years to come.

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You can tailor your internal fire doors to your building, choosing measurement and style to best fit your project. Our professional team will provide you with committed customer service throughout your project, ensuring your needs are met.

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