FD30 Fire Door

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Bespoke FD30 Fire Doors Designed for Your Property

FD30 fire doors are a legal obligation throughout shared buildings such as social housing, offices and tower blocks, to help in resisting the spread of fire and allowing residents to evacuate. Sentry Doors produces bespoke FD30 fire doors to the highest levels of quality, rigorously tested to meet the legal requirements for any building.

We work with clients across the UK, from main and sub-contractors to housing associations and local authorities. With both flat entrance doors and communal doors available, we can provide everything you need in a building project, offering a prompt manufacturing turnaround regardless of scale.

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What is an FD30 Fire Door?

FD30 fire doors will withstand the passage of a fire for 30 minutes. This covers all aspects of the door, including all ironmongery, hinges, and door frames. Every aspect of our FD30 rated fire doors will offer the same level of resistance, such as their automatic closers, letter plates, and door handles.

Doors with a fire rating of FD30 are a building regulations requirement in all non-domestic buildings, both delaying the spread of fire and offering a clear escape route. They play a vital role in the fire safety of a building. Certified FD30 fire doors are subject to exhaustive independent testing, in our case within a UKAS-approved test house. We also have a BM TRADA Q-Mark on all of our FD30 fire doors, further demonstrating the quality and strength of our products.

Glazed FD30 Fire Rated Doors

Both our flat entrance doors and our communal doors can be manufactured in style options featuring glazed panels. Much like our hinges and ironmongery, these glazed panels will also be fully certified at EW30, offering 30 minutes of fire resistance. Our internal glazed fire doors come in either a clear or sandblasted look, and offer EN356 levels of burglar resistance, ensuring they do not compromise the security of our doors.

What Makes Sentry Doors Different?

Sentry Doors are a UK-based firm and have been manufacturing quality fire doors for over 30 years. We have earned a reputation for excellent fire tested doors, working with a range of clients across the private and public sectors. Here are just some of the things that set Sentry Doors apart within the industry.

  • Build Quality
  • Extended Warranties
  • UK Production
  • Guided Process

The certification portfolio of our FD30 fire doors places us at the forefront of the market. By combining the BM TRADA Q-Mark and a PAS 24 rating on our flat entrance doors, we can offer peerless fire resistance and security. Our team have a rigorous quality management process, combining traditional production techniques with cutting edge technological investments. We also prioritise sustainability, working to minimise waste and lower our carbon footprint throughout all aspects of manufacturing and assembly.

We are confident in the longevity of our FD30 fire door range, offering a three-tier warranty on our range of internal doors and components. We have an 8-year warranty on factory coatings, a 10-year warranty for glazing and manufacturing defects, and a 30-year warranty for rot and fungal protection for all timber components. This warranty helps to provide an assurance to all customers of our high levels of quality.

We produce all fire doors at our Doncaster factory, where our skilled team use state of the art equipment, including CNC Machinery, to precision manufacture each FD30 fire door. Alongside our technological investments, we continue to prioritise genuine craftsmanship, with our team continuing to use traditional joinery techniques. Our doorsets are assembled and pre-hung in the factory, ensuring quality and prompt installation times. Manufacturing within the UK also allows us to offer a consistent 6-8 week lead time for projects of all sizes.

We work with clients at every stage, offering technical help and advice for fire door procurement. We provide a range of resources to our customers, including installation guides for our doors, and thorough survey forms. This can help to ensure each of our clients installs and maintains their fire doors effectively, providing them many years of fire resistance.

Bespoke FD30 Fire Doors From Sentry Doors

Over the last 30 years, Sentry Doors has manufactured FD30 fire doors for clients across the UK, with a focus on social housing. Whether you are looking for FD30 flat entrance doors or communal doors, we can make bespoke products in a range of styles and colours. Our team is friendly, upfront, and prompt, manufacturing fire doors to the highest standards.

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