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Bespoke Communal Entrance Doors

Communal doors offer vital fire resistance within essential shared areas of a building, limiting the spread of fire and aiding safe evacuation. Sentry Doors offers a range of bespoke communal entrance doors, perfect for the lobbies, stairwells, and corridors of a communal building, such as a block of flats.

We work with main and sub-contractors, local authorities, and housing associations across the UK, producing BM TRADA Q-Mark certified fire doorsets built around their project requirements. Every door is manufactured at our state-of-the-art Doncaster factory, with our optimised production process helping us to ensure consistent lead times of 6-8 weeks.

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Our Q-Mark Certified Communal Entrance Doors

Each of our communal doorsets is certified with a BM TRADA Q-Mark for Fire Door Manufacturing, an industry-leading assessment of our quality and consistency. We produce all communal doors at the highest levels of safety and durability, offering a series of extended warranties on all doorsets. Our communal entrance doorsets are built to the exact specifications of our clients, coming ready for installation, with fire-resistant ironmongery, hinges and glazing panels. Whether you’re looking to create a fire escape route or a fire compartment within a communal building, our fire doors are certified for quality, offering excellent fire resistance in both new and existing buildings.

  • FD30 and FD60 Communal Entrance Doorsets

We offer both FD30 and FD60 rated communal entrance doorsets, certified for 30 and 60 minutes of fire and smoke resistance respectively. Whether your project requires FD30 doors, FD60 doors, or a combination of the two, our team can construct fully finished doors in bespoke dimensions for you.

Communal Doors in a Range of Styles

Our communal entrance doors can be manufactured in both single and double door designs, depending on the needs of your project. We offer glazed and non-glazed options, with all glazing used within our doorsets offering EW30 or EW60 fire resistance, ensuring the fire protection of all doors.

All of our communal doors come pre-finished with fire-resistant frames, hinges and ironmongery, and a choice of finishes, including white or light oak. If prioritising light or visibility within your building project, our communal fire doors can be customised to meet these requirements, with fitted glazing panels alongside fanlights and sidelights.

Bespoke Communal Entrance Doors Built Around Your Needs

Over the past three decades Sentry Doors has acquired a reputation for excellent fire-resistant doors. We have worked with a series of major building contractors, especially within the social housing industry.

If you are in need of bespoke communal entrance doors, whether looking to install them within a new build development, or looking to replace existing doors within a shared building, we will produce quality products to either FD30 or FD60 standards. We have a consistent lead time of 6-8 weeks on our communal doors, and they come fully finished and ready for immediate installation.

If you are looking to source communal entrance doors for a building project, speak to a member of our team today to learn what we could offer you.

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